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The life of the average bathroom is 20-30 years so the chances are that many of you reading this blog currently have a bathroom which is either old and tired, or starting to look that way.

If your bathroom needs an upgrade, then look no further than Yes I Can Project Group as we are Sydney’s best and most innovative bathroom renovators.

Obviously if you are renting, the decision to have your bathroom remodelled isn’t yours to make, but it’s a subject well worth raising with your landlord, as presumably you are a reliable tenant and on good terms with the property owner.

Having your bathroom remodelled adds considerably to the market value of your house or apartment and when it comes to professionally done bathroom renovations in Sydney at affordable prices, you simply can’t go past the team at Yes I Can Project Group.

We currently have three different bathroom packages for you to choose from, priced to suit every budget. And even if you’re keen to have your bathroom remodelled but are concerned about the cost, then Yes I Can Project Group may still have the answer, as we can now offer you our “Reno Now, Pay Later” option.



So the bathroom of your current residence is in desperate need of a makeover?

You’ve done all the sums and your budget says you can afford it….but there still remains an elephant in the (bath)room!

It’s an old place….just the one bathroom with a toilet in the same room….no ensuite or second (or third) bathroom.

The problem is obvious: how will you make do without a shower, bath, basin and toilet amenities for the three to four week period which is the usual time frame for a professional company like Yes I Can Project Group to complete the averaged sized bathroom reno?

We’ve compiled a list of suggestions which may come in handy so that you and your family won’t be unduly inconvenienced during the course of your bathroom makeover.



  • Stay with family or friends for the duration of the renovation: This is an obvious option and a good one because as well as providing you with the opportunity to share additional  time with your loved ones, all of your showering and ‘other’ bathroom requirements are fully covered!
  • Make better use of your gym membership: This is a really good option as so many gyms now are 24/7 so you can get fit and then have a nice, long, hot shower before returning home to your currently out-of-commission bathroom.
  • As the TV jingle goes: “Everybody needs good neighbours” and in this case, your neighbours will be able to do you a very big favour if they agree to you using their bathroom for a few weeks. Maybe a bit of a stretch if you don’t know the family next door all that well, but at the end of the day, isn’t that “when good neighbours become good friends”?
  • Your local community provides a host of options when it comes using the toilet. Shopping centres, train stations, petrol stations, pubs, clubs, restaurants and cinemas are good options here although for 24 hour access, the gym is definitely the best bet in 2021.
  • And if temporarily moving out isn’t your ‘thing’, then why not get in touch with Brad and the team at Sydney Bathroom Hire at Prestons. Not only do they have a number of portable toilet options, they even hire temporary ‘second bathrooms’. So give them a call now on 1300 364 398 or go to sydneybathroomhire.com.au

Please note! We admit that some of the suggestions above were written a little tongue in cheek….but we have found that over our many years in the building industry, they really do work!

And remember, as the sign says: “the inconvenience is temporary, but the benefits are permanent!”

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