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  • How long to renovate a bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used and therefore one of the most important rooms in any home.


For this reason, it’s one of the first rooms that potential home buyers will always look at when inspecting a property which is on the market.


A recently renovated bathroom will add considerably to the market value of your home, but whether you are looking to put your home up for sale in the near future or planning to ‘stay put’ for the next few years at least, you want your bathroom to be modern and comfortable (if not luxurious), as well as being safe and practical.


So if your bathroom is looking old and tired and you’ve decided that it’s time for an upgrade, then look no further than Sydney’s fastest growing and most innovative building company Yes I Can Renovations as Richard and the team will deliver you the bathroom of your dreams in a matter of weeks!


At Yes I Can Renovations, we only use experienced, skilled and professional tradies for every step of the renovation process. That is, full licensed, fully insured contractors who use the most up to date building processes and systems, which in turn allows us to provide industry-leading Warranties.


We are a multiple award-winning business in terms of customer service and quality workmanship and we have over 150 Google reviews with a five-star rating from our customers.


Two of the most common - and indeed among the most important – questions we get asked by potential bathroom renovation customers are: “How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?” and “Is bathroom renovation a Do it Yourself job?”


A full renovation of an average sized bathroom can take as little as three-four weeks to complete, providing there are no unforeseen issues (structural damage etc.).


Obviously, the size of the bathroom is a major determining factor, as is the amount of plumbing and electrical work required. If it is necessary for the electrician and/or the plumber to move fixtures, then the timeframe for the job may be extended.


Variations in the work, delays with the delivery of building materials and the current shortage of available tradesmen can also add to the time it takes for a bathroom renovation to be completed.


Waits associated with the supply of materials and the current high demand for tradesmen, leading to a shortage of good tradies being available, has been an issue for building companies in 2022 as the industry does its best to try to return to some kind of normality following last year’s lockdowns.

Variations are part and parcel of the building industry and occur either when the home owner requests a change to the scope of work described in the original contract or when the building  company runs into unforeseen problems during the project and requires a variation to the contract in order to complete the job.


So while rule of thumb remains three to four weeks for an average bathroom to be renovated, structural work, variations, and the other issues above-mentioned can sometimes see bathrooms take more like five to six weeks to complete.


Obviously, the faster the renovation takes, the less time your bathroom will be out of action.


If you are fortunate enough to have more than one bathroom, we can renovate the bathrooms separately so you and your family will always have use of one of them.


However, if you only have the one bathroom or want multiple bathrooms to be renovated simultaneously (a cheaper option than having them done separately) and are wondering how you’ll manager without a bathroom for a few weeks, our blog titled “Your Strategy For Surviving A Bathroom Reno” is well worth a read, and can be located by clicking on the link below:




Can Bathroom Renovation Be A DIY Job?


Many Australian homeowners fancy themselves as DIY experts, and there’s no doubt that you will derive immense satisfaction from completing a project at home on your own from start of finish.


Done correctly, it will also save you a lot of money….but by attempting a DIY project for which you don’t have the required skills or experience, especially if you cut corners, it could all end up in tears – with a finished product of inferior workmanship which won’t look as nice, last as long or both.


Worse still, you may end up with a completely ‘botched up’ job for which you will have to spend a lot more money to have a professional tradesman or company rectify on your behalf – they may even have to redo the entire job from start to finish.


As previously indicated, some projects around the home can be completed with a pleasing outcome by talented DIYers, or a combination of the DIYer and one or more contractors.


But when it comes to bathroom renovations, it is strongly recommended that you stick with the experts for the entire job as a lot can go wrong from as early as the initial strip out stage when water damage or structural problems may be discovered (in which case professional rectification would be required, anyway).


As previously referenced, at Yes I Can Renovations we provide industry-leading Warranties and for this reason, we only do full bathroom renovations - using our own tradesmen for each and every step of the process.



To book your free measure and quote or if you have any other questions about bathroom renovations, call Yes I Can Renovations on 1800 300 937 today.


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