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Home Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom is one of the most exciting things to plan. Whether you just moved into your new home or you're just remodeling, the process should be fun but may be confusing at the same time. We can provide all necessary bathroom renovation information for Sydney communiyu. There are plenty of changes that you can do for your bathroom. But which should be your priority? Before you start your bathroom renovation, here are some important questions and answers to consider:
Will Remodelling Your Bathroom Add Value? A huge benefit to be derived from renovating your bathroom is a considerable increase in the resale value of your home. Homes with bathrooms which have recently been remodelled always sell at a significantly higher price than those with bathrooms which are aging. So if you are even considering putting your home on the market, remodelling your outmoded bathroom is a no-brainer! Of course, it is important that the workmanship is of an excellent standard, and in this regard, you cannot go past Yes I Can Project Group.
How Much Will a Bathroom Renovation Cost? At Yes I Can, we do not cut any corners as we ensure that the finished product measures up and even excels the current industry standards – the best of the best – which is, is of course, what all home owners expect. There are several major steps involved in the bathroom renovation process from the initial strip out, all the way through to the clean-up at the end of the job. Our workmanship is second to none as we only use the best products and quality, professional plumbers, tilers and other tradesmen. Given all of the above, the average cost..
of a bathroom renovation for a family home should be between $18,000 to $25.000. Please refer to our videos on bathroom renovation costs.
How Long Will The Bathroom Renovation Take? A full renovation of an average sized bathroom should take no more than three-four weeks to complete, providing there are no unforeseen issues (structural damage etc.). Obviously, the size of the bathroom is a major determining factor, as is the amount of plumbing and electrical work required. If it is necessary for the electrician and/or the plumber to move fixtures, then the timeframe for the job may be extended.
How Does The $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant Work? In June 2020, the Federal Government announced grants of up to $25,000 for couples or individuals looking to renovate their homes. To take advantage of the HomeBuilder grant, your property must be valued at no more than $1,500,000 and you must spend at least $150,000 on your renovations. All couples with a combined income of $200,000 or less (or singles earning $125,000 or less) are eligible for the grant. To make this grant more accessible to you, we are able to put together packages with a $0 deposit and from as little as $55 per day. Home owners have until December 31, 2020 to take advantage of the HomeBuilder grant.
Bathroom Renovation For Rental Property? Remodelling the aging bathroom of your rental property is a great idea! It is important that the bathroom remains safe and serviceable for your tenants, as happy tenants are good tenants, who will appreciate the additional efforts that you are going to, to ensure that they are comfortable. Your aim with your rental property is to have reliable, long term tenants and obviously if they enjoy where they are living, they won’t be looking to relocate any time soon. At Yes I Can Project Group, we have special packages for bathroom renovations for rental properties, which will help your costs down.
Bathroom Renovation For Seniors? We are able to tailor the design of your bathroom to best suit your needs if you are elderly or have a disability, so that you will at all times feel safe as well as comfortable. Indeed, we are experts in this area and will ensure that following the bathroom renovation, you will have a space which not only looks stylish but which provides safety and convenience as well as luxury. We also provide a special discount for Seniors.
Can You Have Your Bathroom Renovated Professionally For $10,000 Or Less? The short answer to this is question is “no”. There are many complex issues which may arise during the bathroom renovation process from as early as the stripping out stage when structural work issues, water damage etc may be identified. A full bathroom renovation is not a DIY task, nor for a company which cuts corners. At Yes I Can Project Group, we use licensed professionals at all stages of the bathroom renovation process: plumbers, electricians, waterproofers and tilers and our work carries a 15 year warranty. We use the best products and the best tradesman to ensure second to none workmanship. Please see our video which elaborates on this answer.
Bathroom Renovation For Wheelchair Access? We can renovate bathrooms so that they are functional and accessible for people with disabilities, including wheelchair users, providing the user with comfort, independence and safety. We will design the bathroom based on the information the home owner provides us with so that those with restricted mobility find the new bathroom easy to navigate. We will be guided by your feedback so that we can best meet your individual needs.
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After getting 15 quotes from other tradies giving me ridiculous prices Richard come out done all his pricing infont of me. He gave me the best price out of every one. Richard Ahmet Matt turned up on time every day and completed the job on time. The Massive 42sq Deck with screen and pergola come up better the we thought it would. Save your self the time and hassle with other tradies just give Richard a call from yes i can because he and his team really can do it.

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Nicky Rodriguez

Great and reliable work, honest, well priced. I really recommend Richard and his team. Matt completed our job that went wrong with a different contractor. Matt was knowledgeable, quick and did an outstanding job to fix our problem. Thanks so much, after building a house we have realised how hard it is to come across such a reliable service as yours!

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Richard redesigned our garage and renovated it with flair and great expertise, transforming it from a very basic space into a dynamic 'man cave' with a mezzanine floor to accommodate a bed for guests. He was quick to see the potential of the space, and practical and flexible in his suggestions and brief. We are absolutely delighted with it and recommend Richard and his team unreservedly!

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