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  • Floods in New South Wales 2021

Just as COVID-19 has been described as a once in a century event, similarly, the flooding that some areas of western Sydney and the mid-north coast have experienced over the past week is something that most of us will see only once or twice in our lifetimes.
Unfortunately, there are have been many sad stories which have come to light over recent days, including two men losing their lives after being trapped in vehicles in flooded areas.
And of farm owners losing their livestock – not to mention many properties completely ruined.
Some people have lost everything and for the many thousands who have been forced to evacuate their homes, it remains a waiting game for some to see whether they even have a home to return to when the flood waters subside.
As a state, we should all be saluting the thousands of SES volunteers and countless other emergency service workers, who have been putting their own health and safety at risk to assist others. 
These selfless men and women have been sacrificing precious time away from their own loved ones to ensure our safety and they are certainly deserving of our gratitude.
Yes I Can Project Group is Sydney’s fastest and most innovative building company, and we do top quality walk on all kinds of building projects.
We have been major advertisers on 2GB’s Ray Hadley Morning Show for the past six months and more recently KIIS FM, while we are a multiple award-winning business which only uses fully licensed and fully insured, professional contractors.
We are also proud members of both the Master Builders Association and the Home Industry Association (HIA).

Twenty Percent Discount

Yes I Can Project Group director Richard Dargham today announced a 20 percent discount on all services for all customers whose properties have been impacted by the floods in Greater Sydney over the past week.
Our hearts go out to all customers impacted by the floods over recent days, Richard said.
While the worst of the bad weather appears to be over, there is still a grave risk of rivers flooding.
We’ve taken the decision that any customer whose home has been impacted by the floods in Greater Sydney (which is our area of work) will receive a 20 percent discount if they sign up with us for any of our advertised services.
While in recent times we have mainly been focusing our business on high quality bathroom and kitchen renovations, we also offer a host of other home improvement services on our website.
And we are especially keen to help homeowners who have been impacted by flood damage.
If you believe we can help you, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 300 927 today or leave your details on our website.

HIA & Master Builders’ Announcements

In view of the recent flooding, the afore-mentioned Master Builders Association and HIA have both issued timely statements this week reminding member building companies of their obligations and responsibilities to homeowners, in terms of warranties. 
David Bare, the HIA’s NSW Executive Director, said earlier this week: “When these severe weather events happen, most homeowners contact the builder to request an inspection or even rectification to any damaged parts of the home.
Some homeowners may claim that the builder is in breach of one or more warranty. If the claim is within six years for major defects and within two years for other defects from the date of completion, then the builder has certain obligations.
If a builder receives a call from a homeowner, complaining of water ingress or other issues as a recent of the recent weather conditions (ie, issues with gutters, plumbing problems etc), then the builder should arrange an inspection to see first-hand what is being complained of.
The builder must assess if the issue relates to his work and/or materials and if the issue is as a result of defective work, then the builder must attend to the issue.
If the builder doesn’t believe that the damage is the result of defective work, he should provide this view in writing to the homeowner, offering a suggestion as to what he believes caused the problem (for example, lack of maintenance).
The builder may also suggest to the owner that they contact their own home insurer.
As well as providing advice to member builders and building companies with regards to worker safety, extension of time clauses, claim queries, risk management and other matters, the Master Builders Association’s release also noted that the Federal Government is providing a one-off Disaster Recovery Payment to eligible Australians adversely affected by the storms and floods.
PHOTO CREDIT: Warren Kirby - @warrenkirby

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