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  • Can you renovate a bathroom under 10k?

Many homeowners in Sydney are of the mindset that an average sized bathroom can be fully renovated for less than $10,000, but this is certainly not the case. 
Various DIY websites will tell you that it’s possible for a bathroom to be renovated for a four figure sum, and likewise, some bathroom renovation companies will tell you that they can renovate your bathroom for less than $10,000. 
But at Yes I Can Project Group, we only use fully licensed professional tradesmen at all stages of the bathroom renovation process – plumbers, electricians, waterproofers and tilers - and our work carries a minimum 15 year warranty. 
A full and professional renovation will add style and beauty to your bathroom and increase the value of your home considerably, which is why it is important that you have your job done by the experts. 
So the short answer to whether you can renovate your bathroom for less than $10,000 is…. absolutely NOT! 
(Even if you are technically minded or are a tradesman who is prepared to do most of the labouring yourself, you may be able to get the job done for around the $10,000 mark - but this is unlikely.) 
Because renovating a bathroom is no simple task; it can be quite complicated and is definitely not a job to be tackled by somebody who is not qualified to do so.
A lot can go wrong, from as early as the initial strip out stage of your bathroom renovation – if doing it yourself, you may discover water damage or structural problems, which you would need to call in a professional to rectify.
If you don’t address the problem immediately, it will come back and haunt you in the next three to five years and you will need a full, professional bathroom renovation done, anyway. 
It’s our experience that during the strip out stage, when we strip back to the framework, we encounter structural problems due to water leaks, mould, termites etc in at least 50 percent of cases. 
Asbestos in your bathroom is another factor; it is a dangerous problem which you definitely shouldn’t try to tackle on your own.  
Your local handyman may advertise that he can remove your asbestos for as little as $600 but handling asbestos is very hazardous and there are protocols that a professional company like Yes I Can Project Group will always follow.  
We firstly obtain the mandatory clearance required by your local Council and will also notify your neighbours of what’s going on – not to mention taking special safety precautions to remove the asbestos so that nobody is put at risk.  
Once the asbestos has been removed, we will provide you with an asbestos clearance certificate confirming that the bathroom has been appropriately inspected and is now asbestos-free. 
Frame straightening is another important part of the bathroom renovation process. 
Your bathroom tiles must be ‘square’ and they will only be square if your walls and floor are all parallel and level. 
If the walls are not level, then spot fixing the tiles is required and all kinds of problems can eventuate after spot fixing.  
Some bathroom renovators will remove the tiles and pack out the entire wall with glue, which is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process and one which we do not recommend as it leaves a lot empty space behind the tiles, which will crack easily and allow water in.  
Plumbing is definitely another area of your bathroom renovation where a qualified professional must be used.  
A good plumber will ensure that the new plumbing complies with the current regulations and will remove the outdated plumbing and replace it with the best contemporary options. 
The lifespan of a high quality bathroom in a Sydney home should be up to 30 years and industry standards have changed a lot over the past three decades. 
Having a professional do the plumbing will mean the difference between it lasting for 15-30 years as against five to seven years if you don’t get the job done by an expert. 
Again, with regard to the electrical work, it is imperative that a qualified electrician be used to relocate the power and undertake any other electrical work required in the bathroom prior to the re-sheeting process. 
Waterproofing is a step which takes some time but it is most important that it is done correctly. 
Many companies don’t comply with the current Australian standards, because both the builder and the homeowner are anxious to have the bathroom finished (as well as looking to cut costs), so only two layers of waterproofing is applied. 
This does not meet current industry standards. 
At Yes I Can Project Group, we ensure that our experienced tradesmen complete our three-stage waterproofing process, which obviously takes a little longer, but ensures that the job is done both professionally and fully complying with the regulations. 
No bathroom renovation will be perfect unless the tiling is done expertly. 
There is a huge difference between a quality tiler and a mediocre tiler. Indeed, the tiling work will make or break the quality of your renovated bathroom and a good tiler does not come cheap! This is why we pay our professionals $3,000 on average for tiling a normal sized bathroom. 
We also recommend that you invest in a good quality shower screen as there are some inferior products on the market which may only last a few months. 
The silicon work is another vital step which must be done correctly to ensure completely watertight finishes. 
Selection of the PC Items – vanity, toilet system, shower screen (as previously mentioned), handrail etc - is also important both aesthetically and in terms of longevity and we will provide you with several options, depending on your budget.
At the lower end of the scale, an average sized bathroom can be fitted out cheaply for less than $1,000 with inferior items. 
But you want your new bathroom to look the part, so we recommend you consider outlaying   $1,200-$2,000 on your PC Items as a bare minimum….or you may wish to extend your budget further and go with expensive Italian and custom-made products, which range from $3,000 - $10,000 plus. 
In summary, reputable bathroom renovation companies like Yes I Can Project Group simply will not quote you less than $15,000 to fully renovate an average sized bathroom, with the possible exception being where a promotion is involved. 
You want your bathroom to be stylish, comfortable, safe and long-lasting, which is why you should only entrust its renovation to a company which uses the best tradesmen, the best products and has a second to none reputation. 
We have completed over 1,000 projects over the years, including almost 150 of them with a 4.8 star rating. 
And with our minimum 15 year warranty, we are certainly here for the long haul. 

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