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Even a rapidly growing building company like Yes I Can Project Group can experience difficulties finding handymen who are multi-talented and therefore able to complete more than a couple of  tasks on a job site.
There are two kinds of handymen.
The first is the local handyman who may do this kind of work for a hobby or just to earn a few dollars here and there and his skills may be somewhat limited.
The second is the professional handyman who has a multitude of skills and can perform a variety of different tasks - and they prove to be very useful in a number of situations.
The local handyman who has a very basic skillset and won’t charge you a lot of money can perform limited tasks such as cleaning out the gutters, minor re-paints, crack-fixing, changing light bulbs, putting up a gate, hanging a TV set, a painting or similar, changing tap washers or  installing blinds or curtains.
Most of these tasks are fairly menial so could probably be done by the ‘man of the house’ (if we are still permitted to use that phrase in 2021!!), but it’s the weekend and he’s more interested in having a beer with his mates or watching the NRL on television!
These are the kinds of jobs you might hire your local handyman for; he doesn’t need a lot of experience and he may not necessarily be licensed - but we do recommend that he has an ABN and some insurance.
Your local handyman may charge anything between $30.00-$50.00 per hour and as they’re name implies, they generally work in their local area.
The second group are professional handymen: men who have multiple licences, multiple certificates and multiple professional skill sets, their own vans, their own tools and their own materials.
Websites like hipages will advertise a handyman for as little as $30.00 an hour but you will not get a truly professional handyman for under $50.00 an hour.
Out of all the trades, a professional handyman is entitled to charge as high a rate as anyone else, owing to the amount of tools, the amount of insurances and the amount of skills he possesses, which can save a lot of time and expense for the home owner.
Most of the time, a professional handyman will visit your property and get everything you want done during that visit.
The additional time comes when he  has to leave a site (for example to purchase materials) and this may take an hour or two, depending on location.
A good example where a professional handyman is a preferred option is when you want a new front door to be installed.
The door needs to be installed but a new door jamb is also required and there is a small amount of brickwork to be cut out or some gyprocking to be done on the inside.
A door installer won’t necessarily be able to perform these other tasks which will mean you will need to get at least one other tradesmen to complete the other jobs, and these other tradesmen will all charge you for a minimum number of hours even if they are only on site for a relatively short period of time.
 But if you hire a professional handyman, he will not only be able to install the door but also attend to the other tasks just described as he has all the tools in his van and has the skill set to complete all aspects of the job.
We know of cases where a skilled tradesman like a tiler, or a floor installer or a gyprocker has arrived at the site and didn’t have all of the tools required to complete the project ….but invariably, a professional handyman will have a full set of tools to work on just about anything.
There are, however, some aspects of your project that should not be attempted by a handyman and these include tiling, roof plumbing, electrical work, plumbing and major bricklaying and concreting works.
But for other jobs where multiple skills are required, you can save a lot of money by using a professional handyman.
It’s also an advantage to a hire a handyman who is skilled in one trade that you require but is also proficient in others as this will also save time as well as money but we also recommend these handymen have insurance and an ABN - and you should also check their customer reviews across multiple platforms.
Too many tradies out there are rorting the system by making promises to customers that they cannot keep and they are ruining the reputation of contractors, carpenters and handymen who are reliable and do a great job.
So please don’t underestimate what a handyman can do as there’s no doubt about it….a good, professional handyman is worth his weight in gold! 

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