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The demand for home renovations shows no signs of slowing down – in spite of the difficulties that Australians have been faced with for much of the past 18 months in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic.


For the period from January to March 2021, the number of houses sold in Australia was actually 30 percent more than pre-pandemic highs.


While home renovations surged by a formidable 11.3% during the same period.


Australians are renovating their homes in these unprecedented numbers for two major reasons.


One is that property owners looking to put their homes on the market are aware that improvements around the house will add considerably to their property’s sale value.


And secondly, because we are all spending so much more time at home during these difficult times of lockdown, there is a greater focus on where we live - and what we can do to improve it both comfort-wise and aesthetically – whether as a do-it-yourself exercise or through the expertise of a professional company Like Yes I Can Renovations.


The Reserve Bank of Australia has stated that Australian households saved $100 billion when lockdowns were at their most severe during 2020.


And with Sydney now in the third month of its 2021 lockdown and with no immediate end in sight, we are again spending less (and therefore saving more) than was the case in pre-COVID years.


International travel has been virtually non-existent since early 2020 and most of those who had hoped to travel interstate have had to cancel their plans, as well.


Another area where people have been able to save money is that there are obviously no travelling costs for those working from home.


And with restaurants, theatres, gyms, pubs, clubs and sporting venues all now closed for months on end again in 2021, we’ve had to find new ways to amuse ourselves in our spare time: from Netflix to YouTube to video games, to testing new recipes to gardening to home renovations….you name it.


Yes I Can Renovations is Sydney’s most innovative building company, proving a wide range of home improvement services headed by bathroom, kitchen and full home renovations.


We have just experienced our busiest year for the period ended June 30, 2021 and the demand for our services has continued into the new financial year.


The three-week hiatus which the building industry recently experienced – where the NSW Government effectively closed down building and construction throughout Greater Sydney due to COVID – was a frustrating time for all concerned.


But over the past two or three weeks, the industry has slowly begun to reopen – under very strict, COVID-safe guidelines, of course - which has meant that we have been able to recommence work on at least some of the projects which we had been forced to suspend.


So with Spring just around the corner, if you’re looking at making improvements around your home (especially in terms of bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations and home renovations in Sydney), look no further than Yes I Can Renovations, as our credentials are second to none.


We are members of both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association, as well as being a multiple award-winning company which stakes its reputation just as much on the excellent customer service that we provide to our clients from start to finish of the project as we do on the superb quality of our workmanship.


We have a fantastic work ethic and only use experienced, reliable, fully licensed and fully insured contractors, while for all our jobs, we assign dedicated project managers who provide regular updates to our customers on how things are progressing.


At Yes I Can Renovations, we only use the most up to date methods and systems, investing heavily every year on research and technology.


Because we have the best technology, we only use the best products and materials, which in turn allows us to provide industry-leading warranties for the work we do.


We have over 150 customer reviews with a 5-star rating and are proud sponsors of Australia’s number one breakfast and morning radio programs – the Kylie & Jackie O Show and the Ray Hadley Morning Show respectively.


More recently, we’ve signed a deal to sponsor the Australian Traffic Network, featuring the nation’s best known traffic reporter Vic Lorusso…..so again, we are talking about the best of the best.


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