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Tree & Stump Removals

Yes I Can Tree and Stump Removal is Sydney’s most comprehensive qualified, licensed and insured arborist service.

Removing a big tree from a confined land requires a great skill to avoid damaging nearby buildings, powerlines, water pipes and other structures. Our team has the latest equipment to safely remove trees and stumps, both big and small, around confined spaces, powerlines or even other trees and buildings without causing damage.

We provide our customers with a wide range of services such as tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, tree trimming and pruning and emergency services . Our trained and licensed arborists can also assist with obtaining Council approval, including providing arborists’ reports and recommendations.


Our services include:

  • tree removal
  • tree trimming and maintenance
  • wood chips and mulching
  • excavation and land clearing
  • stump removal
  • stump grinding
  • confined spaces
  • arborist reports.


Why choose us?

  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We have the capability to cater to all jobs.
  • We have our own architects and private certifier.
  • We have over 40 licensed and professional tradesmen.
  • We provide services for residential, commercial and retail properties.
  • We are fully insured and ASIC registered.