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Home Pool Maintenance & Repairs
Pool Maintenance & Repairs

Keeping your family swimming pool and spa clean and safe can be very time consuming, so why not let us take care of the hard work for you, so you can enjoy your pool with your family and friends?

Our team handles tasks such as removing leaves and physical debris, brushing the sides and bottom of the pool, checking the water circulation and pH levels, plumbing and draining issues, and the cleansing of any algae or bacteria. We also inspect the pool, spa and fencing for any physical damage or parts that need to be replaced.

Whether you have fibreglass, concrete, painted, vinyl, pebblecrete, tile or another type of pool, we will have you covered. We tackle everything from regular maintenance involving backwash, cleaning surface debris, maintaining pool pH and chemical levels, applying algaecides, applying stabiliser and cleaning your chlorinator all the way to major tasks such as green pool recovery, replacing pumps and filters, pool restorations, emptying and refilling the pool, replacing damaged pool fencing and replacing solar pumps and heaters.

Both in summer and winter, a regularly scheduled maintenance service will ensure that your pool is kept clean, safe and working efficiently.


Our services include:

    • spa and pool pumps
    • filters
    • lights
    • skimmer and other cleaning equipment
    • major maintenance and repairs
    • safety and fencing inspections
    • pool covers and winterisation
    • solar pumps
    • salt water chlorinators
    • automatic pool cleaners
    • regular maintenance and repairs
    • green pool recovery
    • insurance and storm damage issues
    • chemical supply.


Why choose us?

      • We are fully licensed and insured.
      • We have the capability to cater to all jobs.
      • We have our own architects and private certifier.
      • We have over 30 licensed and professional tradesmen.
      • We provide services for residential, commercial and retail properties.
      • We are fully insured and ASIC registered.