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  • Mar 04 2021
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It certainly doesn’t seem like 12 months have passed by since the last Clean Up Australia campaign.


But the past year has literally flown by, with the onset of COVID-19.


 And because the publicity associated with it was ‘in our faces’ month after month, this meant that the Year of the Coronavirus has seemingly come and gone like a flash.


It was on Monday March 23, 2020 that the nation-wide lockdown commenced, with licensed venues, gyms, places or worship and indoor sporting venues all forced to close their doors and restaurants and cafes allowed to continue operating on a takeaway only basis.


While it was also during March, 2020 that literally millions of Aussies were forced into  working from home.


Major sporting competitions were suspended and school was very much on and off, in New South Wales at least.


With public ANZAC Day commemorative services cancelled, 2020 Clean Up Australia week was probably the last major initiative that we as a community were permitted to participate in wholeheartedly - and without social distancing - before COVID-19 really took hold.


And what a wonderful effort it was by the public, with an estimated 661,345 volunteers stepping up to clean up 7,175 local parks, waterways, beaches, bushland and roadways.


In total, a massive 16,500 tonnes of rubbish was collected during the 30th annual Clean Up Australia initiativea fantastic achievement!


Clean Up Australia day is always the first Sunday of March, so this year it’s on Sunday March 7 and this is preceded by Business Clean Up day on Tuesday March 2 and Schools Clean Up day on Friday March 5.


Of course, this year’s Clean Up Australia day will be somewhat different to previous years, owing to COVID.


Obviously, the health and safety of all volunteers and the wider community is of the utmost importance, and the organisers have asked that all volunteers co-operate fully with the guidelines applicable to the site they are attending.


If you had intended to volunteer but are not feeling well on the day, it’s advised to stay home and of course, to get tested if you are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms.


A good example of adhering to the recommended social distancing protocols would be if volunteers are being divided into two groups, say, at a park, one group should start their clean up at one end of the venue and the other group at the opposite end.


Please be mindful that while COVID numbers are down, the threat has not fully diminished – and public gatherings and social occasions increase the risk of the virus spreading significantly.


But with a good deal of caution – and lots of common sense, all volunteers will hopefully have a very enjoyable and fulfilling day on Sunday – at the same time doing some outstanding work for their community and the environment.


Yes I Can Project Group is New South Wales’ fastest growing and most innovative building company, specialising in quality bathroom renovations in Sydney, as well as kitchen renovations.


Director Richard Dargham recently praised the initiative that is Clean Up Australia week.


“The organisers of Clean Up Australia week should be congratulated on a campaign which year by year has continued to grow throughout our great nation,” Richard said.


“To think this initiative has now been going on for 30 years is fantastic and with between 600,000-700,000 volunteering to help out in 2020 alone, it truly is an event that all Aussies can be proud of.”


To find out more information concerning Clean Up Australia week, please visit their website cleanup.org.au and don’t forget: Step Up To Clean Up!!


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