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It’s that time of the year when we all take some time to reflect upon what’s happened in our lives over the past 12 months.


For the vast majority of us, the year of 2020 was – to borrow a Latin phrase once used by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – an “annus horribilis”….a most horrible year.


The Queen was referring to 1992, a year when three of her children’s marriages collapsed, including Prince Charles’ ugly split from Princess Diana.


But unfortunately, the annus horribilis that was 2020 affected the world far greater than that, as it will go down in infamy as the “COVID year”.


We all thought that after the bushfires which raged early in the year, that things could only get better.


But how wrong we were, as 2020 became the year when sadly over 900 Australians lost their lives due to the dreaded Coronavirus, when our borders were slammed shut, when unemployment skyrocketed and when businesses were ‘hit for six’, many of them being forced to close permanently.


If somebody had told you this time last year that the vast majority of ‘white collar workers’ would be doing their jobs from home, that school would be ‘on and off’, that restaurants, pubs and clubs would have restrictions imposed, that theatres, gyms, beauty parlours and places of religious worship would be closed, that masks would become pretty much the norm on public transport, that the NRL and AFL competitions would be temporarily suspended, that the Olympic Games would be postponed, that many retailers would stop accepting cash and that customers would be arguing over that last roll of toilet paper in Coles, you would have thought it was a case of April Fool’s Day coming early.


But sadly, COVID-19 has been no joke.


One industry, which was fortunate in that disruptions to projects weren’t as widespread as initially feared,  was the building game.


Building and construction was widely predicted to be one of the industries hardest hit by the knock-on effect of COVID but that certainly hasn’t been the case, as even in the quarter from April to June 2020 when Coronavirus numbers in Australia were at their highest, it was pretty much ‘business as usual’ in the building game, with construction work falling by less than one percent.


With many Australians either working from home or being made to stay at home during lockdown, people have taken the opportunity to focus on home improvements and renovations.


At Yes I Can Project Group, where we offer more than 20 services related to home improvements – from tasks as simple as hanging a picture on your wall to renovating your bathroom or kitchen or adding an extension to your property – we are about to complete our busiest year.


As an organisation we have grown considerably, opening our new office and warehouse at Prestons in western Sydney.


In October of this year, Yes I Can broadened its marketing scope when we became a major advertiser on Australia’s most successful radio program, The Ray Hadley Morning Show.


Ray recently celebrated an incredible 130th consecutive ratings win and we are proud to be associated with such an iconic figure in the broadcasting world.


We also introduced a number of technical advancements during 2020, including 3D virtual reality software for bathroom and kitchen renovations where we can measure up your bathroom or kitchen and provide you with a 3D photo realistic virtual reality walkthrough of how the remodelled space is going to look before its built!


Another reason for our success is that our customers can trust us and indeed, many of them are ‘repeat’ customers.


We have almost 150 Customer Reviews across various platforms at a rating of 4.8 stars or better, we are proud members of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association and only use fully licensed, fully insured, reliable and experienced tradesmen.


Yes I Can director Richard Dargham has a vast knowledge of the building industry and particularly home improvements, even producing You Tube videos to provide advice and assistance to home owners including DIY-ers, as we genuine care and we are at all times mindful that your home is your greatest asset.


On behalf of the Yes I Can Project Group team, headed by Richard, we wish you all very best wishes for the Festive Season and thank you for your past and future support.


May 2021 be a happy, successful and an especially healthy year for everyone.


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