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Statistics concerning accidents which occur in bathrooms are quite startling.

Figures show that the bathroom is the most likely place in the home for falls to take place, particularly in the case of the elderly, as well as young children.

A worrying statistic is that around 80 percent of those involved in bathroom falls are aged 65 years or older and that around one-third of elderly people require hospitalisation as a result of falls in the bathroom.

As advertised on Radio 2GB’s The Ray Hadley Morning Show and KIIS FM, Yes I Can Project Group is Sydney’s most innovative building company, offering well over 20 home improvement services performed by our professional contractors.

Top quality bathroom renovations in Sydney are one of our specialties, and we will be able to tailor the design of your bathroom to best suit your needs – including if you are elderly or have a disability - so that you will at all times feel safe as well as comfortable.

Making bathrooms safer and more accessible is imperative, in order to minimise the risk of accidents.

The bathroom must be easily accessible in order to service the needs of the elderly, many of whom have reduced mobility and may use a wheelchair or walking frame, and/or have a carer assisting them when they use the bathroom.

Yes I Can Project Group is a multiple award-winning company and we can provide you with a carefully designed, wheelchair or walker-accessible bathroom, which will give you the maximum amount of space for navigation purposes and at the same time, provide the utmost in safety, greatly reducing the risk of accidents and thereby giving the user the feeling of being not only safe but independent.


A bathroom which isn’t designed or doesn’t have aids in place to help elderly or less mobile people to navigate it can become a very unsafe environment.


But Yes I Can Project Group has all the answers!


Using our state of the art, virtual reality 3D software, we will redesign your bathroom so that the remodelled space is easy to move around in and has all the features required to keep you safe.


When designing bathrooms for seniors and those with disabilities, there are many considerations that professional building companies like Yes I Can Project Group factor in to ensure safety and comfort.


Some are obvious and some are not so obvious – and they include:


  • Easy access for those who use wheelchairs and walking frames. Something as simple as changing the direction that the door opens can often improve access and create additional space.
  • Walk-in showers are always the best option. Unbelievably in 2021, some older bathrooms still have shower hobs which can be quite dangerous for the elderly and disabled. And showers over baths are even more so.
  • Raised toilets are a great option for the elderly as not only is it easier for the senior to sit down and stand up, it also reduces the risk of injury.
  • It’s recommended that personal choice items like vanities and basins should not have sharp edges or corners.
  • Safety rails should be installed in the shower, next to the toilet and near the bath.
  • Vanities, cabinets and their drawers should have easy to pull handles. 40 percent of Australian men over the age of 65 have some form of arthritis and in women, it is closer to 60 percent, so it is important that drawer handles are easy to grab onto.


You may have some ideas of your own as to what you would like included in your seniors’ bathroom and we welcome your feedback at all times in this area.


So if you’re looking to have your bathroom redesigned with an emphasis on easy access, safety and comfort, look no further than Yes I Can Project Group.


We are experts in this area and we will ensure that after we have remodelled your bathroom, you will have a space which not only looks stylish but which provides safety and convenience as well as luxury.

We also provide special discounts for Seniors.


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