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With many Australians either working from home or having to spend more time at home with the onset of COVID last year and even as we move into 2021, property owners are now taking the opportunity to focus on home improvements and renovations.
This is reflected by the fact that at Yes I Can Project Group, where we offer more than 20 services related to home improvements – from tasks as simple as hanging a picture on your wall to fully renovating your bathroom or kitchen or adding an extension to your property – we have just completed our busiest year.
There are many different improvements which can be done to add value to your home, with bathroom and kitchen renovation at the top of the list.
Indeed, the kitchen and the bathroom are the first rooms that potential home buyers look at and homes with remodelled kitchens and bathrooms invariably attract a significantly higher sale price.
So clearly, a kitchen ‘reno’ does add value.
The kitchen is the heart of every home and kitchen renovation in particular is the way to go if you’re looking get the best ‘bang for your buck’.


The budget you set aside for upgrading your kitchen needs to be in line with the value of your property. It’s pointless spending several tens of thousands of dollars remodelling just one room (in this case, the kitchen) of a plain-looking, ‘cheap’ dwelling. You just won’t get your money back when it comes time to sell. Conversely, if you aren’t prepared to outlay the appropriate amount of money to renovate the kitchen of an expensive home, then the value of the property will be deflated.
At Yes I Can Project Group, we strive to provide our clients with innovative, creative and amazing kitchens, built to the highest standards. The quality of the work done by our tradesmen is second to none. 
A full kitchen renovation is by no means a Do It Yourself job. But by the same token, there may be aspects of the renovation where you might be able to save some money by doing it yourself if you have the skills required – for example, painting the cabinetry doors or taking care of items like the splashback and countertop.
But for the more complex work, you definitely need to consult the experts and this is where a company like Yes I Can Project Group comes in.
Another consideration that you need to take into account is that the style of your new kitchen should keep in line with the design of the rest of your home.


The plans for your remodelled kitchen should ensure that everything is easily accessible. 
The notion of the kitchen triangle was developed almost 80 years ago in America and recommends that the cook top, refrigerator and sink are within close range of each other, making the kitchen easy to use.
There is a school of thought that the concept of the kitchen triangle has more than reached its use by date but whether you use this terminology on not, if you enjoy preparing meals that take a lot of hands-on work, effort and detail, then the kitchen triangle will live on in your household. Having a convenient workspace close to or even within the kitchen triangle is essential.
Storage space should be another obvious – and major – consideration in the design of your renovated kitchen, whether it’s by way of cabinetry, drawers, shelves and/or a pantry. By ensuring that you have an ample amount of storage in your kitchen, you will be able to organise and store all of the kitchen items appropriately. Ideally, countertops should be clear at all times of any items which are not part of the meal you are getting ready and of course, this makes preparing food and cooking much easier.
We also recommend that you stick with timeless classics in terms of designing your kitchen rather than getting carried away by current fads, because while a certain design or colour(s) may appeal to you personally, that is no guarantee that potential property buyers will share your taste.
To assist you in this regard, our expert will draft up a design tailored to your kitchen, providing you with various space and storage options, and a huge selection of different materials for your cabinets, tiles and splashbacks. Whatever your taste and style, we’ll have a combination to suit.
And when it comes to designing, we only use the latest, up-to-date products and technology. Our designer will measure up your kitchen and then provide you with a 3D photo realistic virtual reality walkthrough of how your remodelled kitchen is going to look. 


Renovating your kitchen is an astute investment for which you should be well rewarded when the time comes to sell you property. 
If you are looking to put your home on the market, it is important that you focus on getting the maximum return for your investment. Experts recommend a minimum outlay of five percent of your home’s full value on your kitchen renovation. 
However, statistics show that a fully renovated kitchen will add a lot more than five percent to the value of your property, which will more than justify your outlay on this particular renovation.


Yes I Can Project Group is Sydney’s most innovative building company and we are specialists when it comes to renovating your kitchen. Our team of tradesmen has over 30 years in combined experience when it comes to kitchen renovations, and we have a package to suit the style you’re looking for and of course, to accommodate your budget. 
And as previously referenced, the quality of our work is second to none!
We have almost 150 Customer Reviews across various platforms at a rating of 4.8 stars or better, we are proud members of the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association and we only use fully licensed, fully insured, reliable and experienced tradesmen.
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